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Posted on: November 26, 2011 6:21 pm

Doing it the right way.

As I'm watching some of the college games today, I notice that tackling has become a lost art. Too much is made of tackling the ball and creating a turnover. It was very evident in the high school game I went to a couple of weeks ago. Instead of stopping the ball carrier short of the first down marker, the defense instead goes for the ball and ends up giving the up the first down then some. When these kids are learning the game that should be the main point in every practice....tackle the ball carrier and not the ball. It is also evident that some people can't change the way they tackle their issues. I guess it's better to say and not do....just remember, no matter how much you think you change, you're still the same asshole you were before dropping a few meaningless id's.
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I just want to know......
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